Poverello House is in the midst of transitioning from the “Pumpkin” house we’ve rented since 2008 to a house that we were able to purchase.

Plans for renovation of the new place have been submitted to the city, and we are waiting for permits to be issued. Our architect and our contractor have informed us that the renovation work which normally would take 3-4 months, will take 5-6 months because of labor and supply shortages.

During this time that we are closed, we will be focusing our energy on creating a new Poverello House where we will be able to offer our guests an even better welcome into a homelike place where they can eat a hearty breakfast, shower, do their laundry, have lunch, hangout among friends and rest in a safe environment.

Meanwhile, we are happy to report that several cooling centers have opened in our neighborhood.

We plan to open the new house as soon as it is ready. Thank you for your ongoing support to get us through this transition to our new house.

You are love,
You are wisdom,
You are humility,
You are endurance,
You are rest,
You are peace,
You are joy and gladness,
You are justice and moderation,
You are all our riches,
And you suffice for us.

–from St. Francis’ PRAISES OF GOD

Yours in Christ and Francis, Br. David Buer, ofm

New House
Blessing Our New House
Blessing Our New House
New House
New House

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New House